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2018. szeptember 11.
The game which has been greatly popular in the US and Europe for decades finally arrives to Asia as well.
When thinking about online poker, different people have different things in mind. Even though, some people are sceptical about it the online version of the game is highly popular amongst millions of people.

Some players prefer the play money version, where they only play for points, but the real gamblers' choice is definitely the real-money version, where they can win huge sums from the comfort of their home, playing against fellow gambler from all around the world.

There are plenty of online poker operators, which tens of thousand of members, who enjoy the thrill of gambling every day. As most of these poker rooms are available on smartphones and tablets as well (in addition to PCs and laptops), players can gamble it up, while travelling to work, waiting for someone at a restaurant or taking a break in the office.

These big online poker operators have their online gambling licences, which guarantee the safe and protected environment. They fight against possible collusion, they protect their ingenuous players and make sure their funds are safe.

It doesn't matter when you want to play, as the games are running around the clock on these sites, it's easier than ever, to just hop into a cash game or enter a tournament. Cash games are great for players, who only have shorter time periods to play, as they can join or leave the tables, whenever they want, and still earning good money in these games. If you enjoy the competition and want to be the last man standing in a championship format, you should definitely go with the tournaments.

There are many ways to compete, the one-on-one tables (the so called heads-up games) give you the feel of a real duel, while 6-handed or 9-handed tables let you compete against several opponents.

Those who prefer the most popular form - no limit texas hold'em that is - will find countless opportunities to compete, but other poker formats are available as well, with the likes of Pot Limit Omaha, Stud, Draw or Mixed games.

The operators even welcome players with generous first deposit bonuses, helping their new players gaining their footing in the world of online gambling. Other than the first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, entry-free tournaments with real money prizes are also available just like other forms of promotions, making sure all players can walk away with a fat profit from the tables.

The game has gained a growing interest recently in Macau and the Phillippines and has now arrived to Indonesia as well. It's no suprise to see the increase in the searches for the most popular online poker site (or situs poker online terpopuler in Indonesian), and many players have already made a nice extra money playing online.

Indeed, beating Adam, the 32 year-old accountant from Canada, or Rich, the young student from the UK feels great and buying a nice dress for your loved one on the money you made by outsmarting your opponents at the tables is awesome!

All we have to say now is let's get the cards in the air!

Good luck at the tables, folks!

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