The most commonly used casino slang terms in Poland

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2021. április 17.
In Poland, gambling is very popular with gamblers using a lot of casino slang terms.

For most people that are new to the gambling world, it’s quite different to understand these slang terms. In Polish casinos, these slang terms are used every day. There’s no doubt that it’s quite intimidating when you can’t look like a professional gambler in the eyes of other gamblers. So, whether you are playing popular games like blackjack online on any online casino in Poland, learning these casino terms is a great way to become a seasoned gambler.

There’s a lot of commonly used casino slang terms in Poland and a few of them includes:

1. Action

Action is very popular among casino slang. It’s in fact used to play casinos. There’s an action sign on casino table games like blackjack, roulette, and slots. In most cases, a play might say, “it’s your turn to take action,” which means that it’s your turn to play.

2. Bankroll

Bankroll has been a popular casino slang since the olden days. The bankroll of a player is the amount of money set aside for gambling. According to our superior Klara Czerwinska here, who’s an expert in guest post topics, the bankroll is the amount of money a player is willing to risk.

3. Bet or Betting Limit

When someone says, “bet,” it means that the player should place a wager. The betting limit is the amount of money you are allowed to spend on a game. Most casino games have a betting limit. The bet or betting limit is among the popularly used gambling terminology in Poland. For example, the betting limit of a casino game can be $10. Meaning that the maximum bet of the game is $10.

4. Buy-in

Not everybody uses this type of slang, but most gamblers in Poland are familiar with this terminology. The slang means the amount of money you spend in return for chips or tokens in land-based casinos. Although, in most casino games, this slang might have a different meaning.

5. Cage

While this slang might sound funny, its meaning is amazing. Whenever you win a huge amount of money in casinos, you will have to redeem your chips or tokens at the cage (an area in a casino where chips or tokens are converted to money). Once you have secured a winning at the casino, you’re bound to use the cage.

6. Card Washing

While most people might think of a funny explanation for this slang like washing a card. You ought to know that it’s totally different in meaning. Card washing is a technique used by card players when mixing them up for shuffling. However, as the advancement of technology continues, most casinos in Poland make use of card shuffling machines.

7. Chips or Tokens

Chips or Tokens are the internal currency land-based casinos issue to gamblers. It varies differently from casinos based on customizations like colors, numbers, and logos. It’s designed to be specifically light in weight.

8. Cold or Hot

When a player is referred to be running hot, it means that the player is on a winning streak. While running hot has an opposite meaning that indicates the player to be on a losing streak.

9. Croupier

While this term might not be popular in Poland. It's also used in most casinos. The slang term “croupier” is mostly used by table dealers in casinos.

10. Double or Nothing

The slang is referred to as a type of bet where the better continues to wager the winnings until it reaches the desired amount. So, if you lose before reaching the desired set goal, you will get nothing.


The above list of slang terms is popularly used in casinos all around the world. So, if you’re on your way to becoming a seasoned gambler, you should have a knowledge of these slang terms.

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