The Extreme Basics of Playing Online Poker – Procedures to Become a Master

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2018. január 02.
Everyone wants to have fun. There are plenty of ways to make things a little brighter than spending dull hours in your room waiting for the clock to beat 5. Some may spend their hours with friends while drinking some beer. There are also others who use up their computers or smartphones to play games.
When it comes to digital devices today, a lot of things are done with it. You may open social media sites to post and share something or you may read books to ease out your monotonous day. But for those who love to gamble with real money, of course, poker is a ton of delight. If you are eager to spend hours playing poker, then why not try to bring yourself to capsa susun.

But before that, you need to learn the basics of the game first if you are not yet used to playing poker.

The pack

Although poker is originally produced as a one-pack game, in the virtual world, it can be done in two packs. With those two packs, the use of contrasting colors speeds up the game.

The banker

One of the game’s player should become the banker. The banker is someone who keeps all the stock of chips and writes down how many of these chips are issued to the player. With this, it is important for players not to make private transactions as fairness is on the law of the game.

The scoring

Scoring is essential as this highlights who wins the game. Scoring is actually suggested in a variety of combinations starting from the highest to the lowest rank.

The betting

This is the key to a poker game. For each deal of the game, it is necessary to have one or more betting intervals. This gives each player the chance to bet on their own.

The betting limits

There are various ways to fix a bet limit. With this, it is then considered as unchangeable through the entire game unless all the players agree to alter the eyed stakes.

The pot limit

This points out to any bet which is limited to the chip’s number found in the pot. Whenever a player takes up the raise already counts as part of the pot where the chip’s number is called.

The time limit

There is a time limit in every game. Before the game begins, players must set a time limit first where everyone must follow. This is vital to have a pleasant game.

The chips

Poker can never be played without the chips. It is important to have a supply of at least 200 chips for each game, particularly when there are seven or more of these players.

The kitty

The kitty is named as a special fund established by poker players. It is constructed by taking one low-denomination chip to each of the pot. As for those pots, each should have more than one raise. For players, each of them can hold a kitty which they may use to pay for a new set of cards. They may also use it to buy some snacks.


Poker is a ton of fun and following these basics will surely make you one of the best poker masters in the world. But you must not forget to understand the code of law settled within the game. Although there are no poker laws kept on trails globally, there are many ways, specifically preferences, on how each site embraces this. These laws, or which is known as house rules, are made by a club or a group of players. They create them based on their personal preferences which are all written down.

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